5000. Tabitha
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STRONGS NT 5000: Ταβιθά

Ταβιθά (WH Ταβειθα, see their Appendix, p. 155, and under the word εἰ, ; the better accent seems to be Ταβιθά (see Kautzsch, as below)), (טְבִיתָא, a Chaldean name in the 'emphatic state' (Kautzsch, Gram. d. Biblical-Aram. as above with, p. 11, writes it טַבְיְתָא, stative emphatic of טַבְיָא), Hebrew צְבִי, i. e. δορκάς, which see), Tabitha, a Christian woman of Joppa, noted for her works of benevolence: Acts 9:36, 40. (Cf. B. D., under the word .)

Forms and Transliterations
Ταβειθα Ταβειθά Ταβιθά Tabitha Tabithá
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