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bā·’ō·wḇ — 2 Occurrences

1 Samuel 28:8
HEB: ק) לִי֙ בָּא֔וֹב וְהַ֣עֲלִי לִ֔י
KJV: I pray thee, divine unto me by the familiar spirit, and bring me [him] up,
INT: Conjure Conjure spirit and bring whom

1 Chronicles 10:13
HEB: וְגַם־ לִשְׁא֥וֹל בָּא֖וֹב לִדְרֽוֹשׁ׃
NAS: because he asked counsel of a medium, making inquiry
KJV: not, and also for asking [counsel] of [one that had] a familiar spirit, to enquire
INT: and also asked of a medium making

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