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ḥam·rā — 4 Occurrences

Daniel 5:1
HEB: וְלָקֳבֵ֥ל אַלְפָּ֖א חַמְרָ֥א שָׁתֵֽה׃
NAS: and he was drinking wine in the presence
KJV: and drank wine before
INT: the presence of the thousand wine was drinking

Daniel 5:2
HEB: אֲמַ֣ר ׀ בִּטְעֵ֣ם חַמְרָ֗א לְהַיְתָיָה֙ לְמָאנֵי֙
NAS: tasted the wine, he gave orders
KJV: whiles he tasted the wine, commanded
INT: gave make to eat the wine to bring vessels

Daniel 5:4
HEB: אִשְׁתִּ֖יו חַמְרָ֑א וְ֠שַׁבַּחוּ לֵֽאלָהֵ֞י
NAS: They drank the wine and praised
KJV: They drank wine, and praised
INT: drank the wine and praised the gods

Daniel 5:23
HEB: שֵֽׁגְלָתָ֣ךְ וּלְחֵנָתָךְ֮ חַמְרָא֮ שָׁתַ֣יִן בְּהוֹן֒
NAS: have been drinking wine from them; and you have praised
KJV: have drunk wine in them; and thou hast praised
INT: your wives and your concubines wine have been drinking the gods

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