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mê·’ê·ṣel — 2 Occurrences

1 Samuel 20:41
HEB: וְדָוִ֗ד קָ֚ם מֵאֵ֣צֶל הַנֶּ֔גֶב וַיִּפֹּ֨ל
NAS: from the south side and fell
KJV: arose out of [a place] toward the south,
INT: David rose side the south and fell

Ezekiel 40:7
HEB: וְסַ֣ף הַ֠שַּׁעַר מֵאֵ֨צֶל אוּלָ֥ם הַשַּׁ֛עַר
KJV: of the gate by the porch
INT: and the threshold of the gate by the porch of the gate

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