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rim·mî·ṯā·nî — 2 Occurrences

Genesis 29:25
HEB: עִמָּ֔ךְ וְלָ֖מָּה רִמִּיתָֽנִי׃
NAS: with you? Why then have you deceived me?
KJV: with thee for Rachel? wherefore then hast thou beguiled me?
INT: with Why deceived

1 Samuel 28:12
HEB: לֵאמֹ֛ר לָ֥מָּה רִמִּיתָ֖נִי וְאַתָּ֥ה שָׁאֽוּל׃
NAS: Why have you deceived me? For you are Saul.
KJV: saying, Why hast thou deceived me? for thou [art] Saul.
INT: saying Why deceived you are Saul

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